Civic and Public Engagement Services

We create custom civic & public engagement services and strategies for private organizations and government agencies, states, and municipalities, including traditional and virtual experiences.

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Our Strategies


The first opportunity to provide virtual outreach comes from effectively getting the word out to those who matter most.  It is critical to reach people of equal representation across key demographics.


Visitors who are in your target segments will see information that is presented in a way that is meaningful to them. Using this method, communications are not only more cost-effective, but more effective.


By lowering the barriers to participate and by making the process more fun and interesting, our methods increase the ability and willingness of participants to engage, both online and in the real world.


We collect all participant data, catalog contact information, and segment audiences based on specific demographics, interests, or geography, thus creating a well-defined public participant database.

Our Services

Project Websites

Our Project Websites service is designed to provide private organizations, government agencies, states, and municipalities with a powerful online platform to engage the public and foster civic participation.

These websites serve as dynamic hubs for sharing information, updates, and resources related to specific projects or initiatives. They are carefully crafted to not only inform but also to facilitate meaningful interactions between stakeholders and the public.

Interactive Maps

Our Interactive Maps service is a powerful tool in our arsenal, designed to enhance public and civic engagement for private organizations, government agencies, states, and municipalities.

Through cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, we create interactive maps that serve as dynamic platforms for visualizing complex data, showcasing projects, and engaging with the community.

Public Meetings

Our Public Meeting Creation and Strategy service is at the core of our commitment to fostering effective civic and public engagement.

We recognize the importance of well-planned, inclusive, and impactful public meetings for private organizations, government agencies, states, and municipalities.

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Interactive Surveys

Our Interactive Surveys service is a cornerstone of our comprehensive Public & Civic Engagement Solutions. Whether for private organizations, government agencies, states, or municipalities, we understand the critical role that feedback and data play in shaping effective engagement strategies.

Our custom-designed interactive surveys are powerful tools for gathering valuable insights from diverse stakeholders.

3D Modeling & Fly Throughs

Our 3D Modeling & Fly Throughs service is a cutting-edge offering within our suite of Public & Civic Engagement Solutions. It brings innovation and visual engagement to a whole new level for private organizations, government agencies, states, and municipalities.

We specialize in creating immersive 3D models and fly-through experiences that vividly showcase projects, developments, or urban planning initiatives.

Vision Workshops

Our Vision Workshops service is an integral component of our comprehensive Public & Civic Engagement Solutions, tailored for private organizations, government agencies, states, and municipalities.

These workshops serve as dynamic forums for stakeholders to come together, brainstorm, and shape a collective vision for their community or organization's future.

Our expert facilitators guide participants through a structured and interactive process, encouraging creative thinking and consensus building.


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